SWCSD opens Kindergarten enrollments for the 2023-2024 school year

The South-Western City School District (SWCSD) is now enrolling for the 2023-2024 school year for any Kindergarten student who will be 5-years-old before September 30, 2023. Whether you are a new or returning family to the district, we welcome you and are proud to partner with you on your child’s educational journey over the next 13 years.

Online Enrollment Process

To begin the kindergarten enrollment process, we ask that you first verify your address and that you live within the district boundary map. To do this, head to the link (click here) and type in your address to ensure it is within one of the assigned color zones within the map.

To begin the online registration process, click HERE.

Before starting this process, you will need the following documents on hand:

  • Have the following documents readily available and ready to upload:
    1. A state-issued parent/guardian ID
    2. Original birth certificate OR original hospital certificate (with seal) OR original baptismal record (with seal)  OR passport (note, if a passport is used, proof of custody or guardianship is still required)
    3. A lease (current and signed by landlord & tenant) OR a deed (signed and recorded) OR home purchase settlement statement (signed by seller and buyer) OR two different utility bills (gas, electric, water, internet, trash) in the parent/guardian’s name dated within the last 30 days
      If you are living with a friend/relative in the SWCSD, you must complete BOTH required forms below: Review the forms carefully.
      Oath of Residence Affidavit by Parent/Guardian Form (If Needed)
    4. Immunization records – Students who are newly enrolled and were born in, resided in, or recently visited a Tuberculosis (TB) endemic country for more than thirty (30) days are required to show proof of a negative TB skin test, prior to being enrolled in SWCSD. (Revised Policy 5312)

Click here for the Enrollment Checklist

Online Enrollment Completion and Confirmation

To ensure the safety of staff and to efficiently manage student enrollments in a timely manner most enrollment applications and information will be processed online. Once the enrollment center receives a completed online application an enrollment specialist will contact you to complete the enrollment.


Throughout the process, should you have any questions we are here to help! Additionally, we have prepared a registration Frequently Asked Questions guide which may address some items you may need further assistance with which can be accessed (click here).

SWCSD Student Enrollment Center

4750 Big Run South Road | Grove City, Ohio Phone: 614-801-6280 | Fax: 614-801-2253 Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

SAVE THE DATE for May Kindergarten Visits in your new school!

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