June Middle School Construction Update: Pleasant View

In April, we brought to you a construction update regarding our work in Phase 2 of the district’s facilities development project focusing on the new Beulah Park Middle School (read that here).

If you are new to the district, the South-Western City School District will commission four brand new middle schools – Beulah Park (formerly Brookpark), Finland, Norton, and Pleasant View – as well as a new learning wing addition to Jackson Middle School this August. Specific to Jackson’s renovations, this will include an expansion to provide additional classrooms and physical-education space to bring Jackson up to an 800-student capacity like the other new middle school buildings.

For this month’s update, we key in on Pleasant View Middle School (PVMS). At this time, June developments at the new PVMS – located on Holt Road beside Bolton Crossing Elementary School – can be characterized as having:

  • A paved parking lot and entryway
  • Classroom chairs, desks, and book casings assembled and displayed
  • Welcome signage and front office fixtures in place
  • Cafeteria tables assembled
  • Most flooring in with the exception of the gym floor which was being laid the week of June 6


As we continue to progress towards the opening of these new buildings in August, in the media gallery below please see further updates to Beulah Park. These photos provide a look from our building the furthest along in schedule to provide a snapshot of what students, staff, and families can expect in the other four buildings’ progression.

Beulah Park June Gallery

Commemorative Bricks

Many have asked about brick availability regarding the demolition of buildings. Mid to late week during the week of June 13, the district expects to have a brick availability for the old Norton Middle School. Details to follow commensurate upon contractor timelines and weather for the other three buildings this summer. Be sure to stay connected with us on social media for times, dates, and locations.

Of note, for all brick availability, distribution will be on a first come and first serve basis offered over a 24 hour window. Regrettably, we will not be able to hold bricks for community members and the 24 hour window for pickup is emphasized for safety reasons so bricks do not become projectiles or debris in the road.

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