Career Academy students develop financial literacy app

SWCA mobile application students James and Edwin facilitate a Q & A with community and school representatives at the app rollout kick-off.

On Friday, May, 13as a part of semester-long project, students in the South-Western Career Academy’s (SWCA) Mobile Applications Development program launched a financial literacy app for business partner Wemblr.

The partnership with Wemblr was the result of a Columbus Chamber of Commerce connection with the FinTech financial mindfulness and wealth assessment company. Throughout the development of the mobile application, students worked closely with Wemblr CEO Tiffany Marr to create a serviceable digital solution for employee financial wellness.

Within the mobile application itself, SWCA students created a mobile questionnaire of approximately 30 questions which is used to create a financial wellness profile and simulated pathway for the end user to navigate through.

On the back end, students developed the app using the iOS-friendly software platform Swift and designed a branded layout through Adobe Photoshop.

SWCA mobile application student Callan discusses the fonts, branding, and HEX color codes he used within the app.

Mobile App Development is a two year program taught by instructor Derek Fitzer at the SWCA designed to prepare students for entrance into a degree program in mobile application development or design. As a result of the program, students are exposed to information security, programming and software systems, web development, and various forms of digital media.

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